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This furniture store takes pride in their unique inventory of locally and internationally sourced furnishings at their storefront located in the heart of downtown Asheville. From accent art to custom couches, eclectic trinkets to antique treasures, they carry sustainable pieces carefully curated by their design team to create custom home experiences.

Not only do they show lines of furniture manufactured in North Carolina, but there are many little treasures to be discovered through their doors. Whether it be a vintage accent from your favorite era, one-of-a-kind jewelry, or innovative candle and flower holders, they are a perfect destination if you are shopping for gifts.

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Where Furniture Dreams Come to Life!

An Asheville native who had run away to the beach for a short time, Kim Hubbard came back home to the mountains with a vision. A strong believer in hard work and dedication, Kim became a driving force behind the revitalization of the downtown and the Asheville arts scene with the idea to bring many artists together in a cooperative that became the Kress Emporium. Kim further honed their aesthetic and followed their passion for home decor by opening k2 Studio in 1997.

Whether traveling overseas or to the North Carolina furniture markets, Kim’s keen eye for “the next best thing” or a truly timeless piece is always spot on. Kim truly believes it’s not just the item, but how well they connect with every client. Their ability to do that is unparalleled, as they source incredible one-of-a-kind pieces and work with local artisans to create bespoke furnishings and accessories for clients’ homes. Each piece tells a story, and the stories speak for themselves.

They are available to guide individuals through the design process via one-on-one consultation, assisting them in styling a sustainable, custom space. Their primary focus is to combine functionality with personal aesthetic, aiding people in transforming their houses into homes.

Project Info

  • CategoryStores & Shops
  • LocationAsheville, NC
  • Duration2 Hours
  • BudgetPrivate
  • Completion 11/11/2020

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