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Modern Fabrics is your online resource for high-quality textiles and fabric design. They have a comprehensive collection of reclaimed interior textiles, featuring innovative materials, iconic modernist designs, and timeless textures. Whether you make pillows, handbags, furniture, quilts, or clothing, they surely have something you are looking for.

Modern Fabrics have seen firsthand, at numerous furniture factories and cutting and sewing workrooms, the grim reality of waste and disposal of textile fabrics. An overwhelming majority of textile waste winds up in black plastic yard bags in a landfill. Countless discarded and unused bolts of fabric fill our landfills every day.

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Modern Fabrics is committed to building a larger market for these discarded fabrics while ensuring an ecological textile life cycle. They encourage designers and do-it-yourselfers to utilize existing sources of textiles before resorting to consuming more raw materials. There is quite simply a glut of fabric out there that begs the attention of our creative professionals. Much of this fabric is of the highest grade, with contemporary designs from sought-after and respected manufacturers. The internet is the perfect medium to bring this source to a wider market and simplify the recovery process.

Project Info

  • IndustryRetail
  • LocationHuntersville, NC
  • Duration1 Hour
  • BudgetPrivate
  • Completion10/7/2022

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