The Freefolk Brewery

"Crafting Moments, One Pint At A Time"

It began with head brewer/owner Jeff Edwards and artist/co-founder Jamie Lester doing business together for over 15 years. Together they formed Vandalia Bronze, a sculpture firm that has produced iconic public artworks such as The Jerry West Statue, The Don Knotts Statue, and The Brooklyn Wall of Remembrance. Jamie also designed the WV State Quarter featuring the New River Gorge Bridge. It has come to light that public projects on a large scale are more effective. Art was not the only creative business they would explore.

In 2014, Jeff Edwards started brewing beer in his backyard in Morgantown, WV using a 15-gallon system he put together from items he found at various garage sales. He initially pursued beer-making as a hobby but eventually became obsessed with creating beer. Soon he was making some pretty good homebrew and wanted to take his craft to a higher level.

In 2016, Jeff and his wife relocated to Fayetteville, WV, the home of the New River Gorge. They stumbled upon a dilapidated building near downtown that caught their attention. At first, they had a vague vision of the place. Later, after spending years handcrafting every object in the building, they finally created a space that they were proud to share with others.

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"Crafting The Perfect Beer Space, While Building A Community"

Jeff and Jamie of the Freefolk team utilized a variety of materials such as handcrafted steel, wood, blacksmithing, and concrete to embellish the area. Furthermore, the walls are adorned with painted murals. The brewpub concept is a vital aspect of Freefolk, focused on creating a comfortable, inspiring, and enjoyable environment for brewing and serving beer.Jeff has developed his brewing skills by combining his passion for classic English and German ales and stouts with modern craft brewing techniques, resulting in a range of delicious IPAs, hoppy Pale Ales, and juicy East Coast-style Pale Ales.

The Freefolk Brewery is dedicated to the balance of success while serving our community. Our primary focus is to be an environmental steward and a cultural ambassador for visitors from all parts of the country. We are excited to show everyone what we have and how we can help make our world a cleaner, more beautiful, and tasty place.

Project Info

  • IndustryFood And Drink
  • LocationFayetteville, WV
  • Duration2 Hours
  • BudgetPrivate
  • CompletionOctober 25th, 2019

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